holy holstee

The folks over at Holstee are on a mission to create well-designed products “with a conscience.” They’ve got innertube laptop cases, t-shirts made from reycled plastic bottles and hand-sewn in North Carolina, belts crafted from firehoses, and lots more. I like where they’re going with this.

Right now I am digging Holstee’s upcycled wallets.  These sweet little wallet things are crafted from colorful plastic bags collected from the streets of Delhi, with a percentage of each purchase going towards entrepreneurs in the developing world through Kiva.org. Good design, good cause:

Holstee Wallet Upcycled

Responsible holiday shopping indeed. I’m also a fan of their company manifesto:

Holstee ManifestoSimple, really. Via Holstee.

office to the max

it’s hard to be clever about wooden objects, so i’m just going to show you what we’re working with here:

pretty wooden office things by Singgih Kartono. sure, you could just grab a roll of scotch tape and a plastic stapler from your junk drawer, or you could go kartono. maybe you’ll even be inspired to get some work done, too.

knitta please

I spy with my naked eye some playful sunglasses I’d love to get my hands on:

Fancy fun limited edition sunglasses by Knitta, an Austin-based “graffiti knitting” artist responsible for some of the yarn bombing that’s popped up around the globe. Knitta, aka Magda Sayeg, covers pipes, cars, trees, statues, and the like with colorful crochet patterns in a city near you. Remember this article in the NY Times? That was Knitta’s work covering the Charging Bull by Wall Street. You know, the one all the tourists make sure to inappropriately pose in front of. That one.

Now the guerilla knitter is pairing up with Sunglass Hut (don’t think I’ve ever walked into one of those), to yarn bomb 100 Vogue frames at $130 each.  And as a way of justifying wrapping yarn around a pair of sunglasses, $30 from each pair will go to OneSight, a charitable vision care program.

Images via design taxi.

No, but seriously, I can’t help but dig the bright colors and fun patterns. They’ve got summer written all over them. Too bad it’s only November. What a tease!

the view from up here

It’s raining in Paris, and the sky’s been gray all week. But thanks to my dear friend Jenny, things are looking up, up, up. Jenny dropped me some link love this week with some illustrated rooftop scenes by Australian-born, Brooklyn-based James Gulliver Hancock.

I have a special fondness for Parisian rooftops. When I first moved to Paris back in 2008, I lived up on the 8th floor and had an incredible view of the city, from the Bastille, Hotel de Ville, Pompidou, Eiffel tower and Sacre coeur–they were all there, but I would have been content to just stare out at the rooftops all day even without the greatest hits. I remember moving to a second floor apartment about six months later; oh, how I missed those rooftop scenes! When I went back to Paris in 2010 I stayed in a tiny 10m2 6th floor walk up (!) just to keep those rooftops in view. I’d wager that about half of my photos of Paris are of rooftops alone; they’re just so darned charming! I always loved how that combination of bright orange chimneys and somber blue-grey slate seemed somehow still right even beneath the rain.

But enough reminiscing! Back to jgh, who, as it turns out, has another project, All the buildings in New York, where, yep, you guessed it, he draws all the buildings in New York. Yes that’s right, all of them. Apparently the young Aussie has not yet started on Staten Island, though rumor has it he has made it to the ferry, so… baby steps? Here’s a gander at one of his NY prints:

All of which makes for a pretty good view.

feast your eyes

I am not crazy about beets, but if this doesn’t make you want to start eating beets, I don’t know what will. Who knew beets could seem so decadent? The folks over at A+M, that’s who. A+M aka food52 has fantastic crowd-sourced recipes tested and approved by a community of foodies, and it is one of the finest food blogs out there, IMHO. They also have fantastic photos of dishes prepped and plated, and yep, they even have a column, feast your eyes, for what else, but food porn. As for these peasant beets, love the colors, love the simplicity in plating, and would love to dig into them right now. If you’d like to cook up your own, check out the recipe. Or you could just keep drooling.


light as a feather

yowayowa camera woman Natsumi Hayashi lives in tokyo with two cats, according to her website. i stumbled upon her work when i saw she was one of the top ten stories of this week over at design taxi. Hayashi features a daily “levitation” on her site, along with some details on how she makes the magic happen. some of my favorite levitations:

i also like that her URL’s end in fruit. click around and you’ll see what i mean. via yowayowacamera.