i would like this house…

…filled with books and art and rows and rows of little brown bottles and large tin cans of mysterious chemicals and sciency things.

sissel tolaas and her fab lab/apartment, photos by todd selby.

i’m a big fan of todd selby’s portrait photographs and often check out his photo project at theselby.com. the apartments are always interesting to begin with; quirky, stylish homes reflect the personality of the creative dweller, or at least, todd selby makes them look that way. every home he shoots has flair and a little touch of weirdness, in the very best kind of way. this one is sissel tolaas’s place. sissel is part artist, part scent theorist, part designer living in berlin. i like the neat, pseudo messy rows of singular objects set up throughout her apartment. more photos of her home and research lair here.

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