art on the road

nyc’s department of transportation is inviting entries for one of their signature beautification projects: barrier beautification! artists and designers can find more info here on how to get a chance to design and paint a mural on those ordinarily unremarkable concrete barriers separating bike and car lanes.

photos via nyc streets.

great idea.

don’t forget to write a love letter

i know it’s not valentine’s day yet, but this nifty ring on the cool hunter’s list of gifts to buy your loved ones caught my eye.

you can buy it here. for me? you shouldn’t have.


paris versus new york

I’ve been following Vahram Muratyan’s blog, Paris vs NYC, for a while, and now it’s in book form. People call it a sort of “online travel journal,” but it’s a lot more exciting than that. Muratyan is a graphic designer with a cheeky sense of humor and a clean, minimalistic aesthetic. His playful pairings of iconic images from the two cities generally have a ring of truth to them, for better or for worse. (Winter in Paris? Miserable. I’ve spent enough Februaries there to know Muratyan’s depiction of “météo” in Paris is true. And if I had a dime for every time I heard an American in Paris craving a bagel…)  Some classics below:

paris vs nyc godard and woody allen

paris vs ny baguette bs bagel