knitta please

I spy with my naked eye some playful sunglasses I’d love to get my hands on:

Fancy fun limited edition sunglasses by Knitta, an Austin-based “graffiti knitting” artist responsible for some of the yarn bombing that’s popped up around the globe. Knitta, aka Magda Sayeg, covers pipes, cars, trees, statues, and the like with colorful crochet patterns in a city near you. Remember this article in the NY Times? That was Knitta’s work covering the Charging Bull by Wall Street. You know, the one all the tourists make sure to inappropriately pose in front of. That one.

Now the guerilla knitter is pairing up with Sunglass Hut (don’t think I’ve ever walked into one of those), to yarn bomb 100 Vogue frames at $130 each.  And as a way of justifying wrapping yarn around a pair of sunglasses, $30 from each pair will go to OneSight, a charitable vision care program.

Images via design taxi.

No, but seriously, I can’t help but dig the bright colors and fun patterns. They’ve got summer written all over them. Too bad it’s only November. What a tease!

oh, this could get dangerous

i just discovered svpply and boy, this could get messy. it’s basically a huge supply of pretty things that you can pick and choose from and curate into nifty little sets to purchase now or lust after until your next paycheck comes in. and since mine is a blog about all things pretty…svpply is about to make that a whole lot easier.

i only just signed up a minute ago, so here’s a quick screenshot of my current “svpply” of goods:

there will be a lot more where that came from in the days to come, but so far, so good. in the meantime, you can follow me and my growing bag o pretty here.

stumbling on svpply reminds me of the day i discovered the hypemachine; finding new baller music online would never be the same. i have high hopes for svpply, too; it might just change the way i find all my pretty pretty pretty online.

dear svpply, let’s get hitched.