the world needs more love letters

Or at least, more handwritten letters.

Enter the Handwritten Letter Project, by Craig Oldham. Since 2007, Oldham has invited designers and creatives to submit handwritten letters on the stationary of their choice, compiling the results in book form (now in its second edition) and for exhibitions worldwide. There remains something intimate and delightful about the handwritten letter, and both the charm and quirks of their writers and their penmanship are laid bare in Oldman’s collection. Below, some excerpts. You can purchase the complete book here.

invisible bookshelves

i have these invisible umbra bookshelves all over my apartment just floating on my walls. i love that they can make a hefty stack of books look exceedingly light; so sturdy! so unexpected! they’re also cheaper than the bike shelves i’m coveting, easier to get use out of, and easy to install, too.