invisible bookshelves

i have these invisible umbra bookshelves¬†all over my apartment just floating on my walls. i love that they can make a hefty stack of books look exceedingly light; so sturdy! so unexpected! they’re also cheaper than the bike shelves i’m coveting, easier to get use out of, and easy to install, too.

office to the max

it’s hard to be clever about wooden objects, so i’m just going to show you what we’re working with here:

pretty wooden office things by Singgih Kartono. sure, you could just grab a roll of scotch tape and a plastic stapler from your junk drawer, or you could go kartono. maybe you’ll even be inspired to get some work done, too.

office play

i enjoy pretty office things, so i was really excited to see geeksugar’s recent post on these pretty mouse pads from freshly picked.

leather! in my office! beneath my mouse! glittering gold! these are delightful.

now what i’d really like to find are snazzy cable managers. that would be exciting news since the majority of them are ugly, boring, or sometimes¬† even slightly disturbing.

so far, these guys from j story are the leading contenders:

they scale walls!

and just look at these tug-of-war bunnies!

but alas, these stealthy ninjas are available in korea only. plus, i’m not quite sure they’d get along with that spiffy golden mousepad. so time to step it up, western world designers, i’ve found your next project: dream up some fancy fun cable managers to match (or beat) my new gilded office accessories.

holler when they’re ready for delivery, mkay?