bright ideas

plumen lightbulbs are popping up all over town. sleek, energy-efficient (up to 8 times the lasting power of your average incandescent bulb), plumens were a no brainer as winner of the 2011 british insurance design of the year.

this is what i mean about good design. lightbulbs!  so often overlooked as merely utilitarian, every now and then they get the spotlight (ha!) they deserve. with plumen and other designs, they’re finally hitting their stride.

check out the plumen bulbs at coutume cafe in Paris:

photos courtesy of dezeen mag

at h.a.n.d. (have a nice day) restaurant, lightbulbs are grouped together for a hanging chandelier effect:

i haven’t been able to i.d. these lovely lightbulbs yet (anyone?), but they sure look nice. (i only wish h.a.n.d. put as much thought into their burgers as they did their design, but that, my friends, is a whole other story.)

photos courtesy of and Ambroise Tézenas @nytimes.mag

bright finds indeed.