oh, the gluttony

it’s sunday and i am recovering from pitchfork by staying in bed and refusing to move. instead i am trolling the internet for food that i am far too lazy to make today (but should you be in the 5ème and in a cooking mood, i shall welcome you with open arms).

currently craving these bad boys (unfortch it is impossible to find peanut butter on a sunday in paris, le sigh) and these lemon ricotta pancakes (with sautéed apples!) from deb over at smitten kitchen.

i am a big fan of deb’s blog. unfussy recipes for delicious dishes that taste as good as they look. the food porn thing as we know is booming, so i especially like that deb is the real deal and takes her own photos. prep, photo, prep, photo, cook, photo, repeat!

all photos courtesy of smitten kitchen. cuz i’m still in bed, remember?

file under simple and delicious. as they say en français, miam miam!